Top 10 Best IT Companies in India

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The Information Technology industry in India has highly contributed to the change in India’s global picture from being a sluggish developing country to a worldwide performer in providing world class technology prospects. This sector contributed to about 7.5% of India’s GDP growth rate in the year 2012.
IT sector is well recognized for its employment generation throughout the country over the recent years. Bangalore shines as the ‘Silicon valley of India’ as almost all the major IT hubs have their offices in the city. Also it contributes to about 33% of Indian IT Exports.

The following is an excerpt on the top 10 best IT companies in India in 2013.

1. TATA consultancy services Limited (TCS)

TCS Logo

  • Founded in the year 1968, Tata consultancy services limited is the India’s first largest IT Company.
  • Its head quarters are located in Mumbai and the company has been listed on Bombay stock exchange and National Stock exchange.
  • It is a subsidiary of TATA group and ranks among the top 10 information technology firms in the world.
  • TCS ranks at the top of top 10 best IT companies in India list, it is also at 40th position worldwide.


2. Wipro

Wipro Logo

  • Wipro InfoTech is a leading Information technology service provider in India.
  • Founded in the year 1945 in Maharashtra, the company deals in consultancy services, outsourcing services and Info technology.
  • Its head quarters are located in Bangalore, Karnataka and have about 140,000 employees working in as many as 54 countries.
  • Wipro Infotech also maintains its offices outside India, and has operations in Middle East as well.


3. Infosys

Infosys Logo

  • Infosys limited is an Indian Multinational company dealing in Info technology, consultant services, outsourcing and engineering services throughout the world.
  • The company was founded in 1981 and was incorporated as “Infosys Consultants Pvt Ltd” in Pune. Whereas recently it has been named has Infosys Limited.
  • The company has around 67 offices across the globe.
  • Also the company has been ranked among the most innovative companies in the survey done by Forbes Magazine.


4. HCL Technologies

HCL Logo

  • HCL technologies limited is a well known Info technology company head quartered in Noida.
  • As a $4.5 billion global company, HCL Technologies provides a range of services extending from outsourcing to infrastructure.
  • The company has more than 84,000 employees and ranks as the 48th IT company in the world.


5. Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra Logo

  • Tech Mahindra is a subsidiary of Mahindra group and enjoys a reasonable market share in Info technology, BPO and networking solutions.
  • Founded in 1986, tech Mahindra has its head quarters in Pune.
  • It has its offices in more than 30 nations with over 55,000 employees.
  • It also runs a CSR corporate social responsibility foundation whereby education is provided to children.There CSR programme is spread throughout the nation.


6. MphasiS

mphasis logo

  • A Bangalore based IT company, Mphasis, is owned by Hewlett-Packard.
  • Formed in the year 2000, the company provides services like infrastructure, consultancy, telecom, logistics and application management.
  • The company was founded as a merger of US based company MphasiS Corporation and FL Software Limited. with more than 40,000 employees, the company is listed on BSE and NSE.


7. iGate Patni

iGATE Patni Logo

  • iGate Patni is an Info technology company head quartered in Bangalore.
  • With more than 15000 employees, the company has around 23 international offices.
  • A subsidiary of IGate Corporation, this company provides Info services, along with business solutions.


8. L&T InfoTech

L&T InfoTech Logo

  • Larsen and Turbo InfoTech is a subsidiary of L&T. Head quartered in Mumbai, the company has 39 registered offices in around 22 countries.
  • It’s a leading global company which provides Info tech services and solutions.
  • Founded in 1997, L&T InfoTech is a leading company in the IT sector.


9. Oracle Financial Services

Oracle Financial Services Logo

  • Oracle Financial Services Software Limited is a leading IT company.
  • Spread over 145 countries, oracle financial services was founded in 1990.
  • Head quartered in Mumbai, the company was earlier named as i-flex Solutions Limited.


10. Satyam Mahindra

Satyam Mahindra Logo

  • Satyam Mahindra which was earlier named as satyam computer services is a Hyderabad based Info Tech Company ranks at the 10th position in the list of top 10 best IT companies in India.
  • Founded in 1987, Satyam Mahindra is a public company which is listed on BSE and NSE.
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