10 Interesting Facts About Hair

10 Amazing, Fun & Interesting Facts About Hair


How many times has this ensue to you? You’re in your restroom trying out a new hairbrush or shampoo, and you come about to notice plenty of hairs declining out. You right away stop using the product and pledge off it for life time. But presume what? It may not be the brush’s or the shampoo’s mistake. Hair can reduce out due to alter in schedule, which is why you’re believed to give your hair a pair of days to regulate to a new product. This is presently one of the numerous new things we in recent times revealed about hair after. Here are a small number of more things we stake you never be on familiar terms with either. We discover some captivating and slightly known interesting facts about hair

Interesting Facts About Hair

#1: Number of Hair

The normal person’s skull has 100,000 to 150,000 hairs.


#2: Able to Support Weight

An only hair can hold up up to 100 grams in weight and a entire head of hair could bear up to 12 tones – the equal of two African elephants.


#3: Growth Rate

A hair grow up by 0.3 to 0.5mm per day – on 1 to 1.5cm a month and 12 to 15cm a year.


#4: Asians are the Fastest

African hair develops more gradually and is more delicate than European hair. Asian hair grows up the best and has the maximum softness. These interesting facts about hair related to the ethnicity of the people’s hairs are worth knowing.


#5: Origin of Shampoo

The word shampoo arrives from the Hindi ‘champna’, implication to rub or massage. Hindi is the national language of India.


#6: Remedies

Before time hair remedies interpret like witches’ medicine. One sixteenth-century physician declare to reinstate hair by using a mixture of boiled slugs, emerald oil, honey, saffron, soap and cumin to the skull. But no one knows if it works.


#7: Losing Phase

Kids lose a standard of 90 hairs every day, which raise to 120 by old age. Women frequently practice main but opposite, loss of hair two or three months after giving delivery. The huge making of the hormone estrogen through pregnancy place hair follicles into their ‘growth phase’ succeeding to the birth, the hormonal equilibrium is reinstate and the hair follicles go into the ‘loss phase’, reasoning a large figure of hairs to fall out at once.


#8: Fastest Growing

Hair is the second best growing tissue in the body. Only bone marrow is faster. It is probable for your hair to turn white from shock… but not at once. Hair pigment is formed in the hair shaft under the skin, so it would take about 13 days for several white hairs to show. One centimeter of hair can disclose much about your conduct in the past month – what you eat drank and the surroundings you come across.


#9: Without Hairs!

The only spaces on the human body where we will not find the growth of hairs are on the palms of our hand, the soles of our foot and of course our lips.


#10: Twist in the Hairs

Another interesting facts about hair is related to the twist in the hairs: Even flawlessly straight hair is coiled due to the reason that all hair curl as it grows. On the other hand, straight hair curls less times per unit of span. The amount of twists in a certain length of hair will decide how straight or how wavy it will be (more twists means more curls).

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