10 Interesting Facts about Istanbul


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Istanbul is full of interesting facts. These facts will definitely make you eager to tour Turkey’s largest city. Istanbul is one of world oldest cities and it played very important role during ancient times. Today, Istanbul has remained to be one of the most significant cities in the world. It is strategically located between Europe and Asia and this makes it an important trade hub. The following 10 interesting facts about Istanbul will definitely give you every reason to tour Istanbul very soon.

10 Interesting Facts about Istanbul

#1: Istanbul is the only city that lies on two continents

– This definitely makes Istanbul to be a unique city in the world because it spreads on two continents; Asia and Europe. Most people think are not aware of this fact and think that Istanbul is located either on Europe or Asia.

– The two continents are separated by River Bosphorus. This fact makes Istanbul to be a centre of trade between the two continents and a centre of tourist attraction.

#2: It acted as capital of different ancient empires

– Being one of world’s oldest cities, Istanbul is full of ancient history. It acted as a capital city of different ancient empires, where different activities were carried.

– The empires which used Istanbul as its main capital city include; Roman, Latin, Byzantine and Ottoman. Despite this fact, Istanbul is not the current capital city of Turkey; Ankara is the modern day capital city of Turkey.

#3: The Grand Bazaar is the oldest shopping spot in the world

– Grand Bazaar is the place that you need to shop while in Istanbul. It houses more than 3000 shops and market stalls and receives thousands of visitors daily. One needs more than a day to explore the whole bazaar.

– Shopping at the grand Bazaar will definitely create a new sense to shopping. There is a wide range of merchandise to choose from and bargaining is allowed.

#4: Istanbul has world’s third oldest subway

– Constructed in 1875 and extending to 573 meters, the third oldest underpass is located in Beyoglu district. The underpass is still used up to date by electric trains.

– The underpass is a landmark structure in Istanbul and has been ranked as the 23rd longest subway.

#5: Istanbul is the most populated city in Turkey

– Istanbul urban population is above 13 million. This does not only make it the most populated urban settlement in Turkey but also the world’s second largest populated city.

– In 1502, Istanbul was the most populated city in the world. The main reason why most people prefer to settle in Istanbul is its serene environment and commercial hub.

#6: Istanbul houses most Mosques in Turkey

– More than 90 percent of Istanbul population is Muslim. A common feature in Istanbul is Mosque. It is estimated that there are more than 3000 mosques in Istanbul.

– Istanbul does not only have the high number of mosques but it also has world most popular mosques; the Suleiman Aniye and Sultan Ahmed Mosques.

#7: The Blue Mosque is the most popular tourist destination in Istanbul

– The mosque is one of the oldest and significant places of worship in the world. Designed by Sultan Ahmed, the mosque is an indication of great and fine architectural work. It has six towers on the outside and its interior is fitted with thousands of blue tiles.

– Despite being more than 500 years old, the mosque is still operational today. For one to visit the mosque, one has to abide to the rules of visiting a mosque.

#8: Istanbul is surrounded by water

– Istanbul is surrounded by sea with River Bosphorus separating the two sides of Istanbul. This definitely makes Istanbul to have an attractive and beautiful surrounding.

– While on a tour to Istanbul, there are a lot of beaches to explore and fun activities to engage in. despite being surrounded by sea, snow is common in Istanbul.

#9: Istanbul is home to historical buildings

– There are many historical buildings in Istanbul, this is evident when exploring the town and noticing the number of old buildings. The buildings were used during ancient times to serve different purposes.

– Some of landmark buildings in Istanbul include; Galata Tower, Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia.

#10: Identified as the world’s most growing tourist destination and commercial centre

– Different studies conducted have indicated that Istanbul is one of fastest growing tourist destination and commercial hub.

– This can be greatly attributed to the key tourist attraction features and a friendly business environment.


The above interesting facts about Istanbul are sufficient reasons why you should tour Istanbul very soon. Touring Istanbul will leave you with a lifetime touring experience.

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