5 reasons Narendra Modi should NOT be India’s Prime Minister

Narendra Modi with sword in hand

Why would you want someone to represent your country who has a tainted past? During his tenure as Chief Minister of Gujarat the deadly riot took place. What did he do then as the Chief Minister of the state which was burning at that moment? Will he be able to manage any crisis situation? Does he have that capability in him to solve a serious issue? There are so many questions which needs to be answered first before anybody thinks of selecting him as the next Prime Minister

Here few reason are provided why Narendra Modi should NOT be India’s Prime Minister –

#1: Image makeover

He is trying to cover up his past with the glittering cover of development in Gujarat but his image is still tainted with the riots in his state. He was not considered to be secular and has his own reservations against castes and creeds. As a Prime Minister he needs to treat everybody with equal respect and dignity.

#2: Creating rift

He is responsible for creating rift in his own party by getting himself promoted for the role of Prime Minister in the presence of senior leader L.K. Advani. He is too ambitious. Ambition is good if it is for the nation but personal ambition means filling up one’s own pocket in the name of development.

#3: Minorities

India has a huge population of minority group. Should we select someone who had not intervened during the riots and witnessed thousands of Muslims getting killed?

#4: Asked to resign

After the riots he was asked to resign. Rather than taking the blame and resigning right away he was still holding the position. Only after protests from the opposition and other parties he was forced to step down otherwise the assembly would not have dissolved.

#5: Campaigning

Just after the riots when election was held Modi used extreme anti – Muslim rhetoric during his campaigning to win the election. After getting elected he changed his emphasis from Hindutva to the growth of the state. This was also done to divert the people’s mind from his past.


During the riots he had the power to intervene but he didn’t use it properly thus resulting in mass killing. Since then he has been on a spree to clean his image. He concentrated on the economic growth of the state so that people would stop discussing about riots and would notice the good works that he is doing. He has been successful to an extent to wash away his past still some stains are hard to go even after thousand washes.

The views of the Author are personal and do not intend to endorse, advertise or malign any person or political outfit.

Do you know any other reasons why Narendra Modi should not be India’s Prime Minister? Drop your comment below in the comment box

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