10 Amazing Nutritional Benefits of Dates

Health & Nutritional Benefits of Dates, Nutrition Facts of Dates


It is a delicious fruit with a delighting sweet taste. And it’s comparatively cheaper too. So for the dry fruit loving people like me it’s a gift. These are mostly found in deserts. So apart from the oasis dates are a boon for the desert people.

Fresh dates are really tasty for its sweet juicy and fleshy part. The seeds are not edible normally but medicines are prepared out of it. We can find dates generally in the month February to March in Arizona and California. In other countries it comes in summer. Dates brim with most essential nutrients minerals and energy for healthy and perfect body. The little oval or cylindrical shape with a maroon color makes it look like a stone. It is of yellow or orange color while in growing stage. The caramel taste is mouth watering. Dates are enriched with various minerals, vitamins and dietary fibers which creates perfect healthy diet for you as there are numerous nutritional benefits of dates. Dried dates are also available in the market which is used in different dishes and desserts.


Nutritional Benefits of Dates

1. Dates regulate bowel movements. Increase in bowel activity creates constipation problem. So dates are effective against constipation. For the cure you can eat dates after dipping them for one night in water. This gives relaxation to the discomfort of the stomach problems. So you can have dates and bid your grumbling tummy bye bye.


2. Dates are great to taste plus dates nutrition facts includes many health advantageous properties. It consumes normal growth development of body. Dates also contain sugars like fructose and dextrose and these can energize body in an instant. So the nutritional benefits of dates are used as a health tonic from ancient times.


3. Indigestion leads to illness and sickness and creates problems for your health. The greatest advantage of dates for intestine is its content of nicotinic inside the fleshy part. Nicotine helps to check the harmful microorganism development. So it has the potential to regulate the bacterial interactions in the intestine.


4. Dates also contain a good amount of potassium which is a good electrolyte, helps in regulating blood pressure along with the heart rate. Iron is helpful in creating red blood cells. So nutritional benefits of dates helps in preventing heart diseases and stroke. These things all together give you a healthy heart.

5. These fruits also contain Vitamin A with antioxidant properties that keeps eye healthy. You can get good eyesight by regular consuming of dates. The fruits which are enriched with vitamin A have the ability to protect your eye from outer infectious elements.


6. Vitamin A also protects the human body from lung and oral cavity cancers. Another flavonoid compounds which include beta carotene, lutein and zea xanthin decreases the effect of harmful oxygen derived free radicals. So these compounds are helpful in protection from colon, breast, prostate, endometrial, lung and pancreatic cancer types. The dietary fiber contents also protect the human body from cancer causing chemicals and elements.


7. It gives you healthy bone by the content of vitamin K. Vitamin content like b-complex compounds and other necessary elements like riboflavin, niacin and pantothenic acid helps in the metabolism of carbohydrates, protein and fats.


8. In case of diarrhea dates give you a great relief. Body loses essential minerals in this disease. Dates contain electrolyte compound potassium that re energizes the body. Potassium has also regulatory capability for the central nervous system.

9. Date’s nutritional benefits are also effective in preventing the body from toxic compounds. It also protects you from the toxic substances from alcohol. These harmful compounds can create different side effects due to alcohol consumption.


10. In case of pregnancy a woman has to suffer from different disorders and difficulties especially intestinal problems and food allergy. The nutritional benefits of dates give complete treatment for these problems and provide all the essential minerals and vitamins.


– Even though it’s sweet in taste but it doesn’t increase fat in the body.


Nutrition Facts of Dates


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