10 Interesting Facts About Napoleon Bonaparte

napoleonNapoleon Bonaparte, the man whose legal reforms, also known as Napoleonic code are studied by law students in their civil code of procedure books, but more prominent in the list of his achievements are his military and political leadership skills that resulted in wars being named after him. He was the first was monarch of France after Charles the Fat. He was the closure of the French revolution with all of its magnified glory, and propagated its views by establishing hegemony and yet consolidating an imperial monarchy. Here are a few interesting facts about Napoleon, you would not have come across.

Interesting Facts About Napoleon

#1: A written down love

What could be more romantic for a woman than to have a man who would leave the challenges faced by them in order to achieve their love penned down for generations to admire? Well, Desiree Clary had her fairytale love life with a novel titled Clisson et Eugenie, which was written by napoleon Bonaparte which was an autobiography of his relation with her.

 #2: Look before you pick something

We are never really aware of our surroundings, and just like us Napoleon Bonaparte wasn’t as well. It’s probably the reason why researchers have now found that Napoleon never really died of poisoning but due to exposure to arsenic that was present in the household products such as glues and dyes.

#3: Misquoted

We often make sincere attempts to sound wise by giving off phrases, such as “a picture is worth a thousand words” without realizing that the what Napoleon really said was that “A good sketch is better than a long speech.”

#4: Not in the place

Napoleon wished to have his remains washed off at the banks of the river Seine, but unfortunately no one paid any heed to his request and he was buried with the other French leaders at Les Invalides in Paris.

#5: A kind of memory that counts

A speculation by a few claims that Napoleon was blessed with a photographic memory and thus could instantly remember large amounts of information, such as map details and troops numbers.


#6: A Genius

Napoleon, the man who began his life as an artillery commander was a pure genius and had great knowledge on military technology. However during the course of the Napoleonic wars the British turned out to be more advanced than the French in the range of devices,   such as explosive rockets. Height is never an issue

#7: Tall enough

Napoleon is always recalled as the man who was just 1.67 meters tall, however surprising it may sound, he was slightly taller than the average European at that time.

#8: No secrets

We often begin to think of ourselves as very keen observers if we notice something slightly different. But sorry to burst the bubble, there lies no secret behind the hand-in-waistcoat as it was a very common pose during that period.

#9: Words control you

What can be worse than coming to know that your wife is cheating on you and you are not even near her to unleash the anger? Well, napoleon had to face worse when the distraught letter he wrote to his brother was intercepted by the British and published in newspapers.

 #10: A two week king

Another interesting fact about Napoleon was that he had a son, Napoleon Francis Joseph Charles, from his second marriage with the archduchess of Austria, who ruled France for two weeks in 1814.

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