10 Interesting Facts About Nails

10 Amazing, Fun & Interesting Facts About Nails

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There are several interesting facts that are connected to nails. Some of these facts are pure false notion but most of them are methodical. Even some of the fallacy beliefs draw notice with the occurrence of logic in them. So, here are a number of appealing & interesting facts about nails

Interesting Facts About Nails

#1: Growth Rate

The speed by which the nail grows is around 1 cm for every 100 days, so with this pace you can get estimation that for a finger nail to rise, it will take approximately 4 to 6 months simply. But on the other hand when we speak on the toe nails, the time period for their growth will be about 12 to 18 months. Therefore finger nails are believe to grow at a faster rate as contrast to the toe nails and this is somewhat which has been proven methodically


#2: Fastest & Slowest Nails

The most motivating fact about the middle finger is that, its nail grows the best whereas the slowest rising nail is that of your thumb.


#3: No Life after Death

A very common fable between people is that the nails keep on growing even after demise. Though the fact is that once an person dies, the body be apt to reduce in size while the nails do not. Thus it provides an feeling that the nails are still rising after the death.


#4: Differ According to Temperature

The increase of nails is also influenced by the difference in temperatures to a great extent. For instance, nails are supposed to grow faster in summers and heater conditions, usually during the day as contrast to the growth pace in winters and cooler conditions where it is slow. Your nails will grow at a faster rate during the day than at night.


#5: Men v/s Women

Men lean to have an enhanced growth rate of nails as contrast to women. This doesn’t signify that by any chance females are lesser.


6: Do Not Sweat

The most interesting facts about nails is that nails don’t sweat. We have a tendency to believe that our nails sweat. However nails do not sweat and the cause is that they do not have at all sweat glands. Though there are instance when you really see sweat in the region of the nails and this is for the reason that the skin around that region really gets sweaty


#7: Drink Water for Healthy Nails

Drinking water is very necessary for a healthy body, this is certainly true. If your body is destitute of water then in such circumstances, your nails may also dry, which is not a very strong sign.


#8: Superstition

You may have also come across a very widespread superstition that populace should not cut their nails after dim since it brings bad luck. There is no methodical theory to figure its basis and a likely explanation of this hypothesis is that you may end up injuring yourself if you do not incise your nails in enough light.


#9: Trim Your Nails

Extended nails can hold injurious microorganisms, which can be very harmful and insanitary for your body .Therefore you should frequently cut and neat your nails and this routine of yours will assist you to get free from all kinds of mud, microbes and also all the injurious rudiments which build up underneath your nails.


#10: Longest Nails

Another interesting facts about nails is that the longest nail to be witness was of 48 inches it’s of an Indian.

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