10 Interesting Facts About Lungs

10 Amazing, Fun & Interesting Facts About Lungs


Breathing is usual and habitual, most of us don’t even think about it. Many people breath dysfunctional or ineffectually.  Low breathing, to hold down the breath, breathing from mouth, excess-breathing and more can result in many diverse health issues.  Civilizing breathing patterns can raise oxygen to the tissues, lower stress levels and help out you to relax and focus healthier. Our lungs allow us to breathe air! our lungs put effort to bring oxygen to the rest of our body, while getting clear of definite poisons (carbon dioxide) that are formed by our cells. Here are some bizarre but factual & interesting facts about lungs


Interesting Facts About Lungs

#1: Structure

You have two lungs, and they are situated in your chest, at the back of your rib cage. However you have two lungs, they are not the identical size – the lung on the left side is smaller than the right.


#2: Lungs Expands, Air Enters

The diaphragm is a dome-shaped muscle that is just beneath the lungs. When the diaphragm squeeze, it causes your lungs to get bigger, which allows air go into your lungs. When this muscle doesn’t do its job right, you have tough time breathing.


#3: Defensive

Unique cells in your lungs generate mucous. The mucous catches the dust, dirt, and bacteria that you breathe in always, and is your initial line of resistance against bacteria ingoing your body through the air.


#4: Role in Talking

Your lungs are also very imperative for talking! Just on top of your trachea (wind pipe) is a part called the larynx, which is at times also known as voice box. It is consist of vocal cords, two tiny ridges that open or close, allowing you to create low or high inclined sounds. The quantity of air you power through them can transform the pitch of the sound, and also changes the dimensions of the sound.


#5: Oxygen Enters & Carbon Dioxide Leaves

There are several tubes that unite your mouth to the insides of your lungs. Your trachea (or wind pipe) is the large tube you can sense in your gullet. This divides into core stem bronchi, which then split many further times into minute tubes called bronchioles. There are about 30,000 bronchioles in our lungs! At the end of all of these tiny tubes are small sacks called alveoli. These get larger and smaller with every breath, and hold lots of blood vessels which is where oxygen enters the blood and ravage (like carbon dioxide) leaves the blood.

Lungs facts

#6: Lungs Floats

Your lungs are your just organs that are able to drift on water.


#7: Just One Side Breathe

A good number of people breathe through just one nostril. (You’re checking, aren’t you?) You get around 22,000 breaths every 24 hours. We all have probably noticed this interesting fact about kidney & nose relation. If not, close you one nostril with the help of a finger and notice that only one nostril will be functioning properly at a time.


#8: When You Sneeze, Eyes Get Closed

It is almost unfeasible to sneeze with our eyes open. (A guard method, are you trying this one too?)  A sneeze can be as speedy as 100 mph. You can experience this interesting fact about lungs yourself when you’ll sneeze next time


#9: Breathing Rate

The Breathing Rate is quicker in women and children than in Men. Around 1 litre of air always reside in the lungs, no issue how we hardly breathe away


#10: Origin

Another interesting facts about lungs is that the expression Lung word came from the older English word “lunge” which it means “Light”

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