10 Interesting Facts About Bangladesh

10 Amazing, Fun & Interesting Facts About Bangladesh

bangladesh-mapBangladesh, officially known as People’s Republic of Bangladesh is an South Asian country situated at the apex of Bay of Bengal. Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries, it is ranked 8th in the list of most populous countries. Let us know some amazingly interesting facts about Bangladesh

Interesting Facts About Bangladesh

#1: The Government

  • The official name of Bangladesh is the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and has a Unicameral Government.
  • The Government is headed by the Prime Minister as the head of the Government and the President is the chief of state.
  • The President is chosen through election and serves a term for 5 years, with the maximum of being able to serve 2 terms.
  • The Prime Minister should be representing the majority coalition and is appointed by the President.


#2: Population

  • Bangladesh is a small country but stands eighth in terms of world population.
  • It has a population density of almost 3000 people per square mile.
  • Recently the fertility rate of the nation has fallen and it is also experiencing a net out emigration.


#3: Invasion

  • Bangladesh has suffered the same fate as India when it comes to invasion, as it was separated almost after India’s independence from the British. Hence the Maurya’s and Mogul’s as well as the British have invaded Bangladesh
  • The nation was partitioned from India when independence was declared. Bangladesh was then called East Pakistan. Owing to the huge gap in between the two regions, very different cultures and languages, Bangladesh separated itself from Pakistan and declared independence. These interesting facts about Bangladesh history are worth knowing.


#4: The Game of Cricket

  • Although the national game of Bangladesh is Kabaddi (Ha-Doo-Doo) but Cricket is much more popular than Kabaddi.
  • The nation’s cricket team was assigned the test status, which is considered a prestigious status awarded to acknowledge the capability of the team.


#5: Farmers Abundant

  • This interesting fact about Bangladesh is quite astonishing: The farmers of the land compose 95% of the population of Bangladesh.
  • Despite the majority of the population is involved in agriculture, the revenue comes in from the export of garments.


#6: Gestures that make an impact!

  • It is considered rude and unclean to use your left hand in Bangladesh. Hence it would be wise to use your right hand to pass things or even shake hands with people.
  • It is also considered immature to smile a lot. Hence the Bangladeshis tend not to smile much (may be a myth)


#7: National Identities

  • The endangered Bengal tiger is the national animal. The roar of this tiger can be heard as far as 3 kilo meters
  • Lily is the national flower of Bangladesh.
  • The Doyel is the national bird.
  • The national anthem has been written by Rabindranath Tagore.
  • Kabbadi is the national game.


#8: Weather Conditions

  • Bangladesh has six distinct seasons unlike the normal four distinct seasons. These seasons comprise of grismo (summer), barsha (rainy), sharat (autumn), hemanto (cool), sheet (winter), and bashonto (spring).
  • The climate is mostly tropical and is humid most of the time leading to feeling sweaty.


#9: Journalism & Journalists

  • Bangladesh has a whooping figure of 2000 periodicals and daily newspapers published, despite the low literacy rate and the constant average readership at 15%
  • The ITV Breakfast show presenter and former BBC News presenter Tasmin Luscia Khan is of Bangladeshi descent.


#10: Threat from Environment!

  • Bangladesh has been constantly flooded by the melting Himalayan snow and the rivers flowing through.
  • Having just a few hills and otherwise being flat, it is very vulnerable to the rising sea levels due to global warming.


One more Interesting fact about Bangladesh: Structures & Sites

  • Bangladesh’s oldest known city site is the city of Mahasthangarh.
  • The hilly region of north east Bangladesh, Sylhet has many monuments that are similar to those found in Europe.
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