5 Reason Why You Should Use OneLogin’s Services

Understanding the need for multiple accounts and applications and the complexity of handling them, OneLogin was developed. You have to manage several accounts at once these days and even create new accounts every now and then. Further protecting them with multiple passwords and remembering them was a hassle in itself. Keeping all these things in mind, OneLogin provided solutions for every problem. A user would want ease of access at least on their personal device. OneLogin is a tool that helps to empower employees, customers and partners with secure access to your cloud and company apps on all devices.

It is one solution to many problems

OneLogin lets any user from any location use its services for any app and any device. Your data is completely safe. OneLogin access overcomes shortcomings of old tools that are complex to use for the user, are not that secure and cost too much. With OneLogin we have optimized user experience and IT costs. We use the most secure methods to protect your data.

You do not have to remember multiple passwords

Remembering so many passwords for your apps and accounts can be a pain sometimes. You should be able to access everything on your device easily as you ate mostly short of time. OneLogin makes this possible for you. Instead of remembering multiple passwords for all your accounts, through OneLogin you can make use of just a single sign-on. It identifies your device and with one login you do not have to go through much hassle. As an end user, you are directed to a user-friendly application catalogue listing all your apps and accounts and it makes life much easier for you.

OneLogin uses the best security methods

You must be wondering if using one single service for all your accounts is even safe. What about those safe and secure multiple passwords. OneLogin handles all your passwords, encryption keys, and certificates securely and provides you with a faultless and safe authentication process. High end, safe protocols ensures authentication. Stored passwords are always securely hashed or encrypted with latest and most secure methods.

OneLogin supports biometrics

The use of biometrics is the safest way of accessing your devices and your accounts. It makes sure that only you can unlock your personal devices. With the help of OneLogin, we eliminate all complex login methods you have a touchscreen device – a smartphone or an Apple touch device. You can use your registered fingerprint for multiple account logins. It makes user experience further better and simpler.

You can optimize costs

With the help of OneLogin services, you can easily minimize IT and Management costs. You can save infrastructure and additional operational costs by moving identity and access management to the cloud. The corporate world where time is money, single login services are required. OneLogin offers you the best plans. Also by storing the user profile data in cloud, you save hardware, software and maintenance costs. Using OneLogin has multiple benefits you see.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

With OneLogin’s Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), you have the opportunity to another level of security to your database, you can secure your corporate data from any kind of breaching activity using OneLogin’s MFA.

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